New challenge!
I have had great satisfaction developing Alchemy Search for the past 9 years and I wanted to thank you for having given us your confidence. It was a real pleasure to work with and/or for you and to count you among our clients, candidates and partners.
I am taking a new professional direction by returning to the professions that I had exercised before creating Alchemy Search.
As of May 2, 2022, I am joining Ecobat, the world leader in battery recycling and lead production, to contribute to the European development of its Ecobat Solutions division, specialist in the collection and recovery of lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles. and hybrids.
The continuity of Alchemy Search’s activity is ensured by one of my partners, Thierry Baux, with whom I have long shared the same methodological and ethical approaches to recruitment and prior experience in operational management of a company.
Thierry therefore takes over the activity of Alchemy Search and IMSA Search France within his B-Ressource structure (https://www.b-ressource.com/) which he created more than 15 years ago. . You can contact him at the internet address t.baux@alchemy-search.com or thierry.baux@b-ressource.com.
Thank you again for your trust and let’s keep in touch.
All my best wishes for success and fulfillment in your initiatives

Hervé Gentile