Our approach

We are convinced that the human aspect is fundamental for a company’s performance, and our approach is first and foremost focused on the individual. We select the best, most talented and skilled candidates, but we also ensure their personalities’ development potential and behaviour will allow them to blend easily and durably within the company and the existing teams.


The recruitment process:

Our firm is a direct approach specialist.
Our research associates use a refined approach to identify potential candidates as accurately as possible.
According to the requirements of each mission we use a range of tools with added value selected by our firm, and notably: industry market research, personality and behaviour tests, internal and external CV databases, the main Job Boards and various social networks.

According to each mission me might also:

  • Use advertisements,
  • Include internal candidates or candidates suggested by the client in the evaluation and selection process.

Our recruitment process generally lasts 8 to 12 weeks during which our client is informed weekly. The process includes the following main steps:

1. Defining the client’s recruitment need with Alchemy Search

Our support is crucial at this stage for the recruitment to be successful. It is essential to understand industry and company dynamics at a strategic level and the reasons and goals for the external (or internal) recruitment. Understanding the company’s climate and values. Defining the position, the ideal candidate and the search strategy.

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2. Sourcing candidates by Alchemy Search

Identifying candidates suitable for the position and approaching them by telephone. Drawing up a first list of candidates to be presented to the client in order to exchange views on the direction taken by the search.

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3. In-depth interviews of candidates by Alchemy Search

Selected candidates are invited for the first individual interview with the Alchemy Search consultant, during which the position is presented to the candidate and his or her interest and suitability is checked. This interview might in some cases involve the use of tests to assess the candidate’s personality, skills and motivation, the results of which are only shared with the candidate during the second interview.

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4. In-depth evaluation of candidates by Alchemy Search

The candidates that have made it through the previous phase are invited to a new interview with the Alchemy Search consultant. This methodical interview will allow both the consultant and the candidate to discuss the position in greater detail and to ensure there is a possible match between the candidate and the client. If relevant the candidate will be given complete feed back following the use of personality, skills and motivation tests used in the previous interview. To prepare for the next round of interviews, the Alchemy Search consultant sends the client a complete file on each of the most adequate candidates.

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5. Interviews of the preselected candidates by the client

The remaining candidates are presented to the client, if possible on the same day, for one or several interviews. This last phase is organised and steered by the Alchemy Search consultant.

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6. Choosing and integrating the candidate

Once the client has chosen a candidate and they have signed a recruitment contract, we will ensure with the company’s management that he or she is integrated in the best possible way. We offer follow up and support for the new member of staff and his manager during this essential phase.